How to Record Internet Radio

Review of Popular Internet Radio Recording Packages

If you're looking to record internet radio, this site will help you decide between the most popular advertised packages. These packages are not "stream rippers" that have dubious legality and can only record Shoutcast stations. Rather, the packages listed here excel at recording streaming audio for making recordings of radio broadcasts from popular stations, for your personal use. You might think of this like a TiVo or VCR for the radio.

All software packages reviewed here require a Windows PC.


After testing and comparing the packages, Replay A/V 8 from Applian Technologies is the clear winner. It uses a combination of Stream Capture technology to make perfect bit-for-bit recordings of broadcast feeds, as well as Sound Card Recording for stations that cannot be recorded using Stream Capture. Replay A/V has the by far best media guide for picking shows and stations, and can record a wider variety of audio than any other package. (It even records streaming video!) Although it is slightly more expensive than the other programs, we feel it is the best value.

Radio Recorder Comparison Chart

You can learn more about how these internet radio recorders differ from the chart below:



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Capture Streaming Video and Record Streaming Audio


Replay Radio)
Records directly from Streams
Win, Real, MP3,FLV
Records Standard Sound Card Audio
Records Integrated Sound Card Audio
Records Web Video
Includes Scheduler
1 event only
Integrated Media Guide (Stations)
Shoutcast Only
Integrated Media Guide (Shows)
Record Podcasts
Record & Tune XM Online
Record & Tune Sirius Online
Record Shoutcast via Stream Capture
  audio recording only
Eliminate Silence
Record Mic or Line-In
Record 2 or more stations at once
MP3 only
Save to MP3
Save to WAV
Save to WMA
Save to OGG
Sound Editor
Copy to iTunes/iPod/iPhone
Export to MP3 Players
Split tracks on Silence
Split Tracks at minutes past the hour
Split tracks at regular intervals
Make CDs
Overall Rating
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